5 Ways To Ensure Your Children Are Free From Harm On Holiday

5 Ways To Ensure Your Children Are Free From Harm On Holiday

January 14, 2016 Off By Phil

Family vacations are a great tradition where memories to last a lifetime will be made, however, many holidays are spoiled by accidents and other harmful incidents occurring to children. Make sure your kids have nothing but great things to talk about after your family outings, by following these important vacation safety tips:

1. Talk About Personal Safety Tips With Your Kids

So long as your children are old enough to speak and understand words spoken to them, go ahead and give them a thorough parental speech before you even have your tickets in hand. You’ll want to have plenty of time for their curious questions and perhaps to even quiz them on the lessons you teach them about staying together, avoiding contact with strangers and so forth. If needed, make a list, so they can carry your safety rules with them at all times.

2. Emphasize The Importance Of Pairs

One very important vacation safety tip for your kids is to make sure they are never alone. This includes things as simple and seemingly innocent as getting ice in the hallway at a hotel. Even using the bathrooms in restaurants should be done together, most especially if you’ve ventured to a foreign land.

3. Keep First-Aid Supplies Handy

From the moment you leave home, it’s important to have first-aid at the ready. Expect sunburns, skinned knees and maybe even a bite from an insect you’ve never heard of before. Also, make yourself aware of the different dangers your family might encounter wherever you’re going, from wild creatures in the woods and water to strange plants that can give even stranger rashes and reactions.

4. Make Sure Everyone Is Hydrated

One often overlooked danger on family vacations, especially to little ones, is dehydration. It can happen fairly quickly and with all the fun and excitement going on, it’s easy to forget about drinking necessary amounts of water. Keep a good supply with you or make frequent stops to buy bottled water and actually watch that your kids drink it, particularly if they’ll be out in the heat and sun for any length of time.

5. Don’t Fear “Leashes” For Little Ones

Venturing into large crowds, such as those at amusement parks and major tourist attractions, it can be all too easy to loose track of a small child; even bigger ones can look away for a moment, only to lose sight of everyone else among all those people. You can discretely and safely use a wrist leash for most kids or for the more rambunctious child, a shoulder harness should do the trick. Although it might make you and the children feel a little self-conscious, it’s certainly much better than losing track of someone!

You’ll never be able to enjoy your holiday if your children aren’t carefully guarded, so know these vacation safety tips well before venturing off. After that, you’re all sure to have a happy, safe and memorable time.