Travel Safety Tips: 5 Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Valuables

January 12, 2016 Off By Phil

Travel Safety

Traveling alone is often necessary for a number of reasons, but you may not feel very comfortable when you have to set off by yourself. The following solo travel safety tips will help you keep you on your toes and therefore, much safer when you travel by your lonesome.

1. Know Where All The Exits Are

No matter what kind of emergency you find yourself in, such as a fire or encountering a suspicious stranger, knowing how to get out can save your life. Make a mental note of all exits, starting with your hotel.

2. Avail Yourself To Your Hotel’s Safe

Sometimes it’s necessary to bring valuables along with you, but hardly ever to keep them with you at all times. Ask ahead before you book a room if your hotel has a safe and make sure you use it for expensive jewelry, important documents and other valuables that need safe keeping.

3. Leave A Family Member With Your Detailed Itinerary

If something should happen to you, it’s very important that the authorities would know where to begin a search. Let someone from your family or a trusted friend have an itinerary before you go, featuring all the places you’ll be and what times you’ll be there. Hopefully, it’s never needed, but you’ll feel a lot better with it in place, as will the people who care about you.

4. Meet All Guests And Acquaintances In Public Areas

Even if you’re dealing with business contacts, until you really know a person, never meet with them in a private, isolated area. Use the hotel lobby or a restaurant instead; nobody is likely to take offense, either, because they’ll feel more comfortable meeting you, a stranger to them, in a public area as well.

5. Stick To Standard Foods And Bottled Water

Particularly if your travels take you to a foreign country, opt for the foods you’re familiar with. While it may seem boring to pick up a burger and fries when you could be having something more exotic, there’s a good chance eating local foods will be upsetting to your system. Also, the water may not be held to the same standards as in America, so sticking to bottled water will help to avoid potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and more.

Solo travel may not always be fun, but it’s often necessary. Ensure that your ventures are free from unpleasant encounters and events by following these travel safety tips every time you set off on your own.