Tour With A Taste Of South India

Tour With A Taste Of South India

March 15, 2016 0 By admin-author

There are two types of vacations, one where you see everything and one where you taste everything. India is one of the culinary wonders of the world, with rich spices and exotic foods that have to be tasted to be believed. With Tour East Holidays, this culinary journey of South India is not only bound to blast your taste buds, but also your mind. The tour is guided by world-famous Chef Vinod Lohtia for a fourteen day India tour that is bound to leave you hungry for more!

Wake up to amazing aromas

Southern India is the place to go for foodies looking for the next big taste experience, and these India tours are the gateway to a taste sensation. Crispy Vadas, zesty Kerala and spicy Andhra Pradesh are only a few examples of the types of food traveller’s with this traveller’s package can experience. Chef Vinod Lohtia, originally from Dehradun in India, has been interested in food since a young age, and since specializing in both Indian and European food he has taught classes and ran restaurants such as theRoyal Glenora Club, as well as his own restaurant the Spice Rack Café. Any experience with this chef is a rare opportunity, and one your stomach won’t regret!

Get your hands dirty

What would be even better than tasting all the iconic dishes of Southern India? What about if you could take the dishes home with you? Along with a tasting tour, Chef Vinod Lohtia will also be teaching travellers with these India travel packages some of the tricks of the trade, including how to recreate some of these iconic dishes at home. Perfect for chefs and amateur cooks looking to broaden their portfolio in the cooking field, this is one class you won’t mind attending!

Spice things up a little

India is one of the greatest sources of spice in the world, and with this tour from Tour East Holidays, travellers can take the taste of India home with them. Along with Chef Vinod Lohtia’s guidance, travellers can find and experience the greatest of Indian spices, or even take some home from the colourful spice markets that are a rainbow of tastes and smells. For the adventurous traveller, there is even a visit to the local plantations to harvest their own ingredients. Get ready for foodie fever, because Tour East Holidays and Chef Vinod Lohtia will give you a taste of India you’ll never forget!