Short Term Travelers Can Benefits From Renting Furnished Apartments

Short Term Travelers Can Benefits From Renting Furnished Apartments

July 5, 2017 Off By Phil

Furnished apartments are available around the world. Instead of renting a small room from a hostel or hotel, you can opt to book a stay in a fully furnished apartment. The apartment will provides a home away from home feel. It has all the essentials for daily living. Furnished apartments usually appeal to corporate travelers because they offer a comfort zone that enables the business person to retreat. Premiere Suites allow you to book an apartment in advance. Once you have gone through their screening process, they will put you into contact with the owner of the apartment.

If you travel frequently, a furnished apartment will provide you with the luxuries of home. They are also a cost effective way for a couple, group or family to travel; the apartment offers ample room for a large group of people. You can opt for a one, two or three bedroom apartment complete with a kitchen.

Rental apartments are usually located away from the hub of the city, so you will have a quiet stay. You can also experience a non-tourist influenced side of the city. Staying in a section of the city that locals frequent will help provide you with insights into the culture of the area. The apartments are usually located near less tourism-based restaurants, bakeries, stores and attractions.

You tend to get more for your money when opting to stay at a furnished apartment. The price of an apartment rental is often considerably cheaper than an upscale hotel. You will be able to cook your own food on a daily basis, which will help reduce the cost of your stay. Upon arrival, you can stock the apartment’s refrigerator with snacks and refreshments. You will be able to eat healthier and depend less on fast food restaurants. The apartment generally provides all that you will need for a comfortable stay. You can normally expect an apartment to contain housewares, amenities, a full sized refrigerator, microwave, oven and basic electronics such as an alarm clock and television . Its abundant room will help create a home atmosphere for a family.


Prior to agreeing to rent the apartment, make sure it has all the features that you want. Does it have a laundry room or will you have to launder your clothes at another location? Is there Internet and television? Does the apartment allow pets? Is the kitchen fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes and utensils? These are all questions that you should consider prior to deciding if an apartment rental will work for you.

One consideration when renting an apartment versus a hotel is the lack of maid service at the apartment. Only upscale apartment rentals offer maid service. At most apartment rentals, you will be responsible for cleaning up after yourself and, upon your departure, you will be expected to leave the apartment in a clean state.

When considering an extended stay, a fully furnished apartment offers you excellent value. You will often experience greater comfort than traditional lodging choices.