Short Term Apartment Rentals: The Smarter Way To Stay

Short Term Apartment Rentals: The Smarter Way To Stay

February 15, 2016 0 By admin-author

Short Term Apartment RentalsShort Term Apartment RentalsShort Term Apartment Rentals

For regular travelers, or even those less frequent, short term rental is something to consider. Lodging can be expensive, especially in hotels where occupants pay more for dining and laundry service. Rentals give visitors the freedom of their own fully-equipped kitchen and washer/dryer, but they also provide more of a “home away from home” feeling, which is hard to achieve in a hotel. Renting a furnished apartment has a lot of benefits, perhaps most importantly, it saves people money. But in addition to being financially smart, renting has other benefits, like the freedom it offers.


In a hotel, visitors are often restricted to one room and a connected bathroom. This setup leaves little space for privacy. Instead of sleeping, relaxing, and working in the same room, which can be certainly be claustrophobic, renting a furnished apartments allows you to move between rooms at will or whim. Plus, if you friends or family decide to visit, there are couches for them for no extra cost. Aside from the physical freedom that more space gives you, temporary rentals often give you a more choices when it comes to exploring the town or city you’re in. There are short term rentals in the center of towns, or short rides away from main attractions and local haunts, providing a more authentic experience.

Cost Effective

The ability to save travelers money may be the most important benefit of rentals. This applies if you’re going on a vacation, but what about a more long term arrangement (year or less)? If you’re forced to relocated due to a fire or other natural disaster, or if you were offered a new job that forces you to move before you’ve secured your own place, short term housing will help you save.

In these rentals you will have the luxury of a functioning kitchen, meaning you can do your own cooking. Eating out can incur serious expenses, so this aspect alone can save a notable amount. Also, you’ll have a non-quarter operating washing machine and dryer. Finally, in general, you’re likely to find a cheaper rate for short term rentals than you are for common hotels.

In the end, lodging is one of the first decision to make when it comes to traveling, and there are many options. One way to start your search is to follow short rental service companies on social media, like Twitter or Instagram. They’ll post their most popular and most cost-efficient properties, as well as chances to save a little extra. That way, you can compare costs and amenities with local hotels and make the right choice for you.