How To Keep In Touch While Traveling On Business

How To Keep In Touch While Traveling On Business

October 3, 2015 Off By Phil

People who travel the world on business trips know how difficult it is to stay connected not only professionally, but with loved ones as well. Only a few decades ago, people who went away on business were practically cut off from family and friends unless they were willing to pay high prices for long distance phone calls. Technology has become a savior when it comes to staying in touch with both family and employers.

Devices to Stay Connected

There are hundreds of gadgets on the market that allow people to connect with one another. Whether it be cell phones, laptops, or tablets, business travelers have a variety of options to choose

from. Many of these devices are necessary t o business practices, meaning almost everyone who travels will have at least one with them at all times.


Utilize Free Internet Access

Many hotels, restaurants, and public places now offer free Internet to visitors. Using these locations is a great way to connect devices to the outside world and stay in contact with others. For those who use free Internet frequently, there is even software that protects the user’s privacy and prevents potential threats from seeing what the person is doing on their computer.


Growth of Social Media

Social media websites have become a main way that people stay connected. For business travelers this means they can keep in contact with people from all over the world with only the click of a mouse. Not only can they speak with others, but also share photos of their travel and keep others updated on what they are doing. This creates an environment of connectivity where both the traveler and others feel closer.


Free Internet Calling Services

There are sites that allow anyone to place calls over the Internet at no cost. This is a great resource that business travelers can utilize to stay in touch personally and professionally. Many of these sites also allow users to see each other with the use of a webcam. Actually seeing the person who is traveling can make a large difference when it comes to warding off the feelings associated with missing someone.


Prevent Data and Phone Overages

Those who conduct business travel will want to contact their phone and data provider to see if their destination will be within the coverage area. This is an easy step to forget and travelers will be left either unable to make calls or charged a large bill at the end of the month. If a phone or data service is costly or not available in a particular area there are phone plans or calling cards available to combat high costs or loss of coverage.

Postcards and Letters

There are some instances where a business traveler will be in an area where phone and Internet service are simply not available. In these instances sending a postcard or letter is a great way to stay in touch. These are often more sentimental to the person receiving them and will show that the traveler is thinking about them. This type of communication is even nice if the person has other ways to stay connected because the time and effort placed into a letter is often cherished by the receiver.

Business travel may take people all around the world, but this does not mean they have to leave all their contacts behind. With so many ways to stay connected the world is much smaller than it once was. People can feel almost involved with the business trip as they look at photos and talk face to face over the Internet with the traveler. This has created a traveling atmosphere where no one is truly alone and everyone is just a click or call away.