Experience The Trio of Tours; Delhi, Agra and Jaipur

Experience The Trio of Tours; Delhi, Agra and Jaipur

March 11, 2016 Off By Phil

In a place as big as India, with so much to see and do, it can be difficult to find the right India tours that encompass every place a traveller would want to see. That is why the Best of North India traveller’s package tour from Tour East Holidays is perfect- it offers the best of all worlds for the price of one. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are now all available in an all-encompassed vacation that will make a world-traveller out of you yet!

The delights of Old and New Delhi

As the capital of India, Delhi is the central place to see in North India. Built on the Yamuna river banks, Delhi is one of the world’s top tourist destinations for the delights of bird-watching (right in the city!), incredible architecture and massive spice markets. This vacation, tour the gorgeous markets of Old and New Delhi, including Asia’s largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market which features around 30 000 retail vendors on a daily basis- a fresh take on the streets of Delhi. Rich in both history and culture, Delhi is a delightful way to start your tour of North India.

Have it Mahal in Agra

The romantic capital of India, Agra is the vacation destination that dreams are made of. Agra is home to the Taj Mahal, one of the most recognized buildings in the world and the home of a story of the greatest love. Built in 1653 by the king Shah Jahan in memoriam of his dear wife Mumtāz Mahal, the site is now a World Heritage Site. Agra hosts two other iconic World Heritage Sites, such as the Agra Fort and the Fatehpur Sikri fort. Agonisingly beautiful and romantic, Agra is the Paris of North India.

Jiving in Jaipur

The Pink City of India, voted to be one of the ten best places to visit in Asia, is the perfect spot for the traveller that would love a cultural experience like no other. Filled with arts and antiquities like the statues that represent Rajasthani culture, Jaipur is a great source of antiques and artwork made by incredible artisans. Walking through the streets of Jaipur, travellers on this India tour will see everything from stone carving to pottery and miniature paintings. Ideal for a walk-around-and-explore kind of vacation, Jaipur with its pink sheen will creep into your heart.  Book your India Tour here: http://en.toureast.com/