7 Tips to Enhance Your Furnished Apartment

July 23, 2017 Off By Phil

Anyone who has experienced a move knows how quickly costs add up. Furnished apartments are attractive because of the convenience they offer certain lifestyles. Furnished apartments certainly aren’t for everyone, but there are many situations where they make a lot of sense.

1. Leaving the nest for the first time?

Getting a furnished apartment is an excellent way to save some money during your first move. If you’re a young professional or busy student, then chances are you don’t have the time, energy or resourcesto furnish a new apartment. Instead of badgering your friends and family for any old furniture they have laying around, you can skip the hassle by renting a furnished apartment.

You’ll need to do some calculations to see if this makes sense for your situation. If you’re starting with absolutely no furniture, then the higher rent of a furnished apartment might be worth it instead of investing in a new couch, a bed, and appliances.

Moving is an already stressful time without having to worry about financing a décor for your new place. Run the numbers and see if taking advantage of an already furnished home is the right move for you.

2. Do you travel for long periods?

Business professionals who travel also have a lot to benefit from furnished apartments. Staying at hotels longer than a week gets old quickly. Hotels never feel like home, and you can’t just walk down for breakfast in your robe. A furnished apartment will take the pain out of business trips without dealing with the logistics of a move.

More often than not, renting a furnished apartment for a month is cheaper than staying in a hotel for a month. Even if you’re only in town long enough for a conference, an apartment might be the better option. Furnished apartments give you the ability to save money on room service and allow you to entertain in a more comfortable environment.

3. How do you make a furnished apartment feel like home?

One gripe people have with furnished apartments is they feel too cold and impersonal. The best way to get rid of this feeling is to add a bit of your own flair to the apartment.

4. Use scents

Introducing a scent that you enjoy to the apartment will help you feel more at ease in the new place. Another good idea is to use your own bedding and pillows for more of a homely feel.

5. Unpack everything as soon as you arrive

You’ll immediately feel more at home with all your stuff out. It may be messy at first, but it gives you a chance to organize things in a way that you like. Visit Premiere Suites if you want to find more resources and information.

6. Rearrange the furniture

Moving the furniture is an excellent way to customize your new space. Remember to take a picture of the original layout so you can put everything back when your lease is up.

7. Bring artwork & plants

If you have artwork at your old place, then displaying it in your furnished apartment will help you feel more at home. Artwork also adds a bit of your personality to the place.

Small houseplants are excellent for adding color to your new home and for creating a relaxing environment. Houseplants also add oxygen to the environment, which improves your mood and energy levels.

All in all, getting a furnished apartment comes down to your lifestyle and your needs. Remember to crunch the numbers and make sure the extra rent makes sense for your current situation. Furnished apartments are great options for short-term rentals for people who want to lead a modern nomadic lifestyle!