5 Kinds of Moving Services for Disabled People

5 Kinds of Moving Services for Disabled People

December 26, 2018 Off By Phil

When you rely on movers, you need to make sure that they can take care of all your moving needs. This is imperative if you are disabled and are moving locally or internationally. By choosing the right moving company, you can have all your moving services taken care of by a dependable and licensed mover. Doing so will help you organize your belongings so they can be easily packed and unpacked. Make sure that the company you use provides the following basic moving services.

1. Packing Services

You will not be able to get anywhere or get anything done if you do not use a moving company that provides packing services. To begin the process, have the movers separate the items you want to move, store, and donate. You need to use a company that will help you organize and pack your belongings. Make sure they show patience and communicate well. You should also make sure you are there to oversee the packing and transport of your belongings. For additional insights, please visit Hudson Movers.

2. Unpacking Services

You also need to make sure that the company offers unpacking help. Once you separate the items you want to store from the ones you want to move, you can transport them to your new residence. Once you get to your new home, you can figure out which items to unpack first. Make sure you have in mind which items to unpack first. By taking this initiative, you will make it easier and more convenient on both the moving professional and yourself.

3. Storage Options

If you cannot move everything to your new house or apartment, you will need to ask about storage facilities. This can be more easily done if you choose a moving company that also provides storage. Take the time to think about just how many of your items will go into storage. Will you need a large unit or will a small unit suffice? Also, is the unit temperature-controlled? This feature is a priority. You do not want to store a valuable painting or furnishing, only to find that it has deteriorated because of the atmosphere. Ask if the company provides temperature-controlled units as well as what type of access they provide. A quality company will usually provide 24/7 access.

4. Help with Labelling

If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to label items, ask if the company can provide you with labels and extra help marking your boxes. The moving company you choose should also offer all the packing supplies you need, including various sizes of boxes, as well as tape and covers or tarps for certain belongings.

5. Easy Transport

If you have trouble with navigation, the last thing you want to do is to take a couple trips to move all the items in your house. Choose an experienced moving company that can provide a large truck to haul all your belongings in one trip. You do not want to have to go back to your old residence once you are headed for your new community. By choosing a company that can provide the proper transport, you will only need to make one trip. When making a selection of a mover, make sure this can be done.