5 Helpful Tips For Business Travellers

5 Helpful Tips For Business Travellers

October 28, 2015 Off By Phil

When most people think of traveling, they imagine fun activities. However, business travelers know that they have the stress of making travel plans and dealing with work obligations. By following a few very helpful tips, business travelers can greatly reduce common stresses and enjoy their trips.

1. Take Advantage Of Technology

Whether business travelers fly, drive or do both, there are several technologies available to make traveling simpler. Online check-in is a great benefit for people who fly frequently. GPS is a helpful addition for road travelers. Many car rental companies, airlines, parking providers and hotels also have social media pages. Use these to find helpful tips and updates about available mobile apps, coupons or other benefits that save time and money.



2. Pack Smart

Make a simple list of all essential items, and avoid packing too much. When traveling by plane, be sure to stay current with TSA regulations. For carry-on bags, put all compliant bottles of liquid or gel in an acceptable size of plastic bag. Some airports take more time to test contact solution that is in a larger bottle, so be sure to purchase a smaller bottle to save time. The bag should be placed at the top of the suitcase for easy access. If a laptop will be carried, make sure it can be quickly and easily removed from its case.

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3. Bring A Pillow

One of the most common complaints people have when sleeping away from home is uncomfortable pillows. Many people sleep better on a pillow they are familiar with. Standard pillows are small and light enough to meet airline regulations, and a coat can be tucked inside of a pillowcase neatly.


4. Choose Good Accommodations

Unfortunately, hotels can be noisy and crowded. Business travelers may find broken heaters, toilets or safes at the most inconvenient times. These problems may not be remedied quickly, and hotels may be so full that a room change may not be an option. Furnished apartments are much more convenient and comfortable. There are several short term rentals available in nearly every city and state. For an affordable price, business travelers may enjoy a temporary home with plenty of useful furnishings. This also saves the need to dine out for every meal. Many sites are available for booking furnished apartments and short term rentals. Some have social media pages with the latest information and helpful tips, so be sure to look for those.

5. Confirm Arrangements

Anyone can make a mistake. Hotel clerks may type in the wrong reservation date, or travelers may select the wrong month when purchasing flight tickets. Be sure to comb over every detail after making initial travel plans. Call to confirm any trip reservations one week before leaving.

It is also important to make sure the company’s travel insurance policy has adequate provisions for every trip detail. By following these useful tips, business travelers can prevent unnecessary stress, save money and save time.