10 Reasons  Stay At A Short Term Furnished Apartment

10 Reasons Stay At A Short Term Furnished Apartment

February 9, 2016 Off By Phil

When people need a place to stay while visiting a new city, most of them automatically start considering a hotel. However a short term rental Mississauga at City Gate Suites can often be a wiser option. Here are ten reasons why a furnished apartment that is rented for a short time can better suit your needs.

1. Pets
Many furnished apartments will allow pet owners to bring their furry friends along, while it is rather rare to find a hotel that allows any animals to stay in their rooms.

2. Better Service
Hotel management is often overwhelmed from having to deal with hundreds of guests, so they might not be able to help you. A short term rental is more individualized, so if you have any problems with the property, it will be quickly fixed.

3. Don’t Inconvenience Your Friends
When you stay with a friend or family member, you often end up keeping quiet about needs ,such as nicer bedsheets or an alarm clock, because you do not want to be demanding to an acquaintance who is doing you a favor. Since you pay for a short term rental, you will not feel awkward standing up for your own comfort.

4. Try Out a New Neighborhood
You do not have to limit yourself to the busy roads filled with hotels or the suburban neighborhoods that your friends live in. Rental homes can be in a variety of spots, so you can try living somewhere new.

5. Cheaper Costs
For a stay longer than a few days, renting a property for a short lease is often cheaper than hotels, where the nightly cost quickly adds up.

6. Comfortable Benefits
At a hotel, you often have to pay extra for benefits such as internet or appliances. In addition to being fully furnished, most rentals come with these benefits included.

7. Real Kitchens
Eating out for every meal during your stay quickly gets old, and it is expensive to buy kitchen tools and appliances for a short stay. Renting a furnished property ensures that you get a fully equipped kitchen to cook in.

8. Feel at Home
Furnished apartments are full of personal touches, making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Instead of looking corporate and bland, you can feel like you truly have a second home to stay at.

9. Plenty of Storage
Living in a cramped hotel room stacked with suitcases for a long term stay is quite unpleasant. Instead of tripping over all your belongings, the furnishings in short term apartments ensure that you can easily store everything you bring with you.

10. Flexibility
Unlike a regular lease, a short term one does not have to last for a year. You can work with your landlord to find a length of stay that works for your needs.